Are you confused by the buttons and settings on your camera?

Do you leave it on auto mode and hope for the best?

Fed up of disappointing images?

This is the course for you

The Get Camera Confident online workshop is designed for the TOTAL beginner and will talk you through, step by step the essential camera skills you need to get confident with that fancy camera you’ve been meaning to get to know better.

Covering the basic principles of photography in real language rather than technical jargon, this easy to use training has been designed with simple to understand diagrams, practical exercises and helpful videos to teach you what you need to know to take the photos you’ve always dreamt of!

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User friendly online training that can be accessed on any device at a time to suit you - for life!   

Suitable for anyone who has a camera that lets you change your settings manually

Over 60 lessons written in a jargon free language you'll understand 

Over an hour of video tutorials

Tons of quizzes to test your learning and helpful practical exercises 

Useful downloadable reference guides to use when you're out and about!

Here's what our trainees are saying!

“Sarah has created a brilliant, technical but not TOO technical, easy to understand photography course for beginners that I thoroughly recommend. If you have some camera knowledge but want to know more her friendly manner and professional approach fills in all the blanks. Can't wait to put it all into practice!”

Kate DKate D

“I have had my camera for 5 years and it's always been stuck on auto mode. Sarah explained everything in a simple and fun way. I now understand what my camera is actually doing and feel much happier about using other settings. Thanks Sarah.”

Helen PHelen P

“I've never really understood how to use my camera properly. Sarah really helped me understand the basics which has given me so much more confident to play with the settings and achieve different effects. Great course.”

Mari TMari T

“I've done lots of photography courses in the past and have read lots of books. I learnt more from Sarah on this course than I have from any other course. She makes everything so simple.”

John FJohn F

What you'll learn

I'll teach you all of the basic fundamentals of how your camera works. My aim is to give you the skills and confidence to really understand all of the camera settings that have left you baffled and confused in the past.

By the end of the training you'll have the confidence to shoot in full manual mode, start taking control of your camera and start taking the images you've always dreamt of.

This course is designed for people who own a camera such as a DSLR, Mirrorless or Bridge camera. If you are able to change your camera settings manually then this is the ideal training for you!

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome To Get Camera Confident!
    • Welcome Video
    • Welcome!
    • Before You Begin
    • Two Quick Questions
    • Navigating The Course
  • 2
    Understanding Your Camera
    • Understanding Your Camera Video
    • What's the best camera for you?
    • How your camera records an image
    • It's all about light!
    • What all of those letters and pictures actually mean
    • The Conrol Panel
    • Pop Quiz - Understanding Your Camera
    • What we'll be covering in the rest of this course...
  • 3
    Getting sharp images every time
    • Let's talk about Focusing Video
    • About Focusing
    • How your camera focuses and how you can take control
    • How to get sharp focus even if your subject is moving!
    • A clever focusing tip to make your life easier
    • Pop Quiz - Focusing
  • 4
    Exposure - Let There Be Light!
    • Introduction to Exposure Video
    • What is Exposure?
    • How your camera controls light - the Exposure Triangle
    • How your camera measures light
    • The Exposure Indicator
    • Pop Quiz - Exposure & The Light Meter
  • 5
    Making your camera more sensitive to light
    • Making your camera more sensitive to light
    • Why do my pictures sometimes look grainy and how to fix it
    • Pop Quiz - ISO
    • ISO Reference Guide Download
  • 6
    What is aperture and how does it change your photography?
    • What is aperture and how does it change your photography?
    • How you get that lovely blurry background in your images
    • Starting to take control of your images using aperture priority mode
    • A Quick Chat About Lenses
    • Pop Quiz - Aperture
    • Aperture Reference Guide Download
  • 7
    What is shutter speed and how does it change your photography?
    • What is shutter speed and how does it change your photography?
    • Showing and freezing motion in your images
    • Starting to take control of your images using shutter priority mode
    • Pop Quiz - Shutter Speed
    • Shutter Speed Reference Guide Download
  • 8
    How all of the exposure elements work together
    • How all of the exposure elements work together
    • I've got a cheeky trick for you!
  • 9
    How to shoot easily in Manual Mode
    • Introduction to Manual Mode Video
    • Shooting in manual mode doesn't have to be scary
    • Troubleshooting in manual mode
    • Pop Quiz - Manual Mode
    • Manual Mode Reference Guide Download
    • Camera Setting Recipe Cards Download
  • 10
    Let's talk about Lenses
    • Introduction to Lenses Video
    • Let's talk about Lenses
    • Focal Length
    • Lens Compression
    • Prime and Zoom Lenses
    • When to use different focal lengths
    • Cropped Sensor Cameras
    • Pop Quiz - Lenses
  • 11
    Other useful camera settings that'll make your life easier
    • Let's go back to the control panel
    • All about image quality
    • What is white balance?
  • 12
    Next steps
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Let's recap
    • Before you go
    • Finally

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Hi, I'm Sarah Evans. I'm a professional UK based photographer and have taught 100's of beginners how to get confident with their cameras over the last 10 years. It is my passion to teach the basic principles of photography in an easy to understand way. I’ve developed a way of teaching that is simple, structured, easy to learn, in REAL language and it's fun too! Now I’m excited to bring this opportunity to you with my study at home, online workshops.
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