Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome To Get Camera Confident!
    • Welcome Video
    • Welcome!
    • Before You Begin
    • Two Quick Questions
    • Navigating The Course
  • 2
    Understanding Your Camera
    • Understanding Your Camera Video
    • Types of Camera
    • The Camera Sensor
    • It's all about light!
    • Camera Modes
    • The Conrol Panel
    • Pop Quiz - Understanding Your Camera
    • What we'll be covering in the rest of this course...
  • 3
    Perfecting Focus
    • Let's talk about Focusing Video
    • About Focusing
    • Focal Points
    • Auto Focus Modes
    • Focus Recompose Technique
    • Pop Quiz - Focusing
  • 4
    Exposure - Let There Be Light!
    • Introduction to Exposure Video
    • What is Exposure?
    • The Exposure Triangle
    • The Light Meter
    • The Exposure Indicator
    • Pop Quiz - Exposure & The Light Meter
  • 5
    • ISO
    • Digital Noise
    • Pop Quiz - ISO
    • ISO Reference Guide Download
  • 6
    • Aperture
    • Depth of Field
    • Aperture Priority Mode
    • A Quick Chat About Lenses
    • Pop Quiz - Aperture
    • Aperture Reference Guide Download
  • 7
    Shutter Speed
    • Shutter Speed
    • Showing Motion in your Images
    • Shutter Priority Mode
    • Pop Quiz - Shutter Speed
    • Shutter Speed Reference Guide Download
  • 8
    The Exposure Jigsaw Completed
    • Exposure Jigsaw Completed
    • Exposure Compensation
  • 9
    Manual Mode
    • Introduction to Manual Mode Video
    • Shooting in Manual Mode
    • Troubleshooting in Manual Mode
    • Pop Quiz - Manual Mode
    • Manual Mode Reference Guide Download
    • Camera Setting Recipe Cards Download
  • 10
    • Introduction to Lenses Video
    • Let's talk about Lenses
    • Focal Length
    • Lens Compression
    • Prime and Zoom Lenses
    • When to use different focal lengths
    • Cropped Sensor Cameras
    • Pop Quiz - Lenses
  • 11
    Other Camera Settings
    • Let's go back to the Control Panel
    • All about Image Quality
    • What is White Balance?
  • 12
    Next steps
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Let's Recap
    • Before you go
    • Finally
    • Bonus Download - Capturing Everyday - How to take great picture of your children eBook


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Here's what our trainees are saying!

“Sarah has created a brilliant, technical but not TOO technical, easy to understand photography course for beginners that I thoroughly recommend. If you have some camera knowledge but want to know more her friendly manner and professional approach fills in all the blanks. Can't wait to put it all into practice!”

Kate DKate D

“I have had my camera for 5 years and it's always been stuck on auto mode. Sarah explained everything in a simple and fun way. I now understand what my camera is actually doing and feel much happier about using other settings. Thanks Sarah.”

Helen PHelen P

“I've never really understood how to use my camera properly. Sarah really helped me understand the basics which has given me so much more confident to play with the settings and achieve different effects. Great course.”

Mari TMari T

“I've done lots of photography courses in the past and have read lots of books. I learnt more from Sarah on this course than I have from any other course. She makes everything so simple.”

John FJohn F