Looking for a creative activity to keep you busy whilst you're stuck at home?

If you are stuck at home and looking for a creative diversion then my totally FREE 10 day creative photography challenge could be just what you are looking for. 

I've designed 10 fun photography projects that you can do at home, in your garden or during your daily exercise, whether you've got a proper camera or just your smartphone.

And it really is totally for free, no strings attached. Immersing yourself in a creative project (or two!) is a proven method of calming the mind and we all could do with a bit of that right now couldn't we? I'm more than happy to help.

Why not get creative as a family? Lots of the projects are great to do with the kids so if you are currently homeschooling, why not add this to some artistic education to your daily schedule?

Beginner? It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter what level you are and it also doesn't matter if you don't have a 'fancy camera'. Each of the projects can be completed with your smartphone with ease. 

The focus of each exercise is to give you some creative inspiration whilst teaching you some of the skills required to take your photography to the next level

But above all it's fun!

10 creative, fun and inspiring photography projects

Suitable for all levels and experience

Haven't got a 'fancy camera'? No problem, just use your smart phone

Access the challenge from your desktop, phone or tablet and complete the projects in your own time

Great for all ages and to complete as a family

All projects can be completed in your own home

  • Create

Lots of practical and creative projects that the whole family can complete from learning how to paint with light to creating beautiful abstract images.

  • Create beautiful abstract images of frozen flowers 
  • Learn how to paint with light
  • Learn

Let me show you techniques used by professional photographers to create stunning imagery from lighting to composition.

  • Learn about how to compose a great photo
  • Let me show you how to create dramatic lighting with your smartphone torch
  • Learn how to capture dramatic and impactful black and white images
  • Let me show you how you can us the light in your home to take flattering portraits
  • Learn that less is more and create stunning minimalist photography

  • Explore

Learn how to observe the world around you in new ways, creating powerful images with a real wow factor!

  • Take your family on a fun photography scavenger hunt
  • Savour memories and create a time capsule
  • See colour in new and exciting ways and produce a photo montage
  • Learn to see the details you might otherwise overlook by photographing the same object in 12 different ways

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Sarah Evans. I'm a professional UK based photographer and have taught 100's of beginners how to get confident with their cameras over the last 10 years. It is my passion to teach the basic principles of photography in an easy to understand way. I’ve developed a way of teaching that is simple, structured, easy to learn, in REAL language and it's fun too! Now I’m excited to bring this opportunity to you with my study at home, online workshops.
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About Your Instructor

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